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Are you searching for step-by-step resources to learn how to grow your rental business? Do you want to build wealth and have more free time? Have you struggled to find a community of fellow short term rental owners? 

Here, you’ll find free resources and educational workshops. Binge our podcast and YouTube content.

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Know exactly how much furnishing each room will cost with just a few clicks.

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    Stand-Out Listings

    Happier Guests

    More Bookings

    Increased Profits

    Leverage your love for hospitality into an unforgettable guest experience.

    Become the talk of the town without compromising your rates.

    Gain pages of 5-star reviews and that coveted Superhost status.

    Earn more money in less time while still maintaining your sanity.

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    Just because your STR is independently hosted
    doesn’t mean you have to go it alone.

    Just because your STR is independently hosted doesn’t mean you have to go it alone.

    From your first booking to 
    your thousandth, we’re here 
    to help you roll out the
    welcome mat for your visitors.

    From your first booking to your thousandth, we’re here to help you roll out the welcome mat for your visitors.

    Hosting Handbook

    Hosting Handbook

    Hosting Business Mastermind

    Hosting Business Mastermind

    5 steps to your first
    5-star review


    Learn the basics of how to launch your listing, without sacrificing your personal touch or your precious time.

    join our mastermind

    join our mastermind

    get the hosting handbook

    get the hosting handbook

    Property Acquisitions 

    Optimize your listing and get more bookings! 

    Understand your numbers and exact cost per reservation

    Implement systems and finally get organized! 

    Ever thought about joining a mastermind for your short-term rental business? Connect with like-minded hosts, get expert coaching, and stay true to your passion for hospitality. Discover more in our 30-minute workshop where you'll learn our process to...

    Business Beginnings

    Setup Secrets

    Launch Your Listing

    Become a Guest Guru

    " guys have changed the gave me the confidence to do the damn thing!"

    -Chelsey Dunckley

    Furnish your rental with everything your guests need for a 5-star stay.

    Furnish your rental with everything your guests need for a 5-star stay.

    Download the free Airbnb Essentials Checklist!

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      your first investments:
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      Pets & Your Rental Property: What You Need to Know

      Operating an Overseas Vacation Rental Business

      Learn all the basics of what it takes to start a profitable Airbnb business.

      Learn all about how to decide whether to list your property as pet-friendly or not.

      Operating a short-term rental overseas.

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      Listen now

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      Grow your str business to Superhost status

      You roam Target for hours picking out the perfect throw pillow. 

      Spend a few extra learning how to grow a profitable business.



      Your play-by-play guide full of up-to-date content to quickly, confidently, and efficiently list your first income-generating short-term rental.

      Hosting business

      The Foolproof Method to Turn Your Short-Term Rental Into a Crazy Profitable, Scalable Business…

      Without Sacrificing Guest Experience Or Working 24/7

      “It makes a really big difference in your business...”

      "You'll become a better'll make more money because of it....and those things literally create so much more money because you didn't know that you could sell that weekend for..."

      tanya rooney

      hosting business mastermind
      member, host

      see how tanya did it

                 see how tanya did it

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