Want to start earning as an Airbnb host, but
have no idea where to start?

I need the hosting handbook!

i need the hosting handbook

You love the idea of welcoming guests into a gorgeous, income-generating property. 

You’ve read dozens of blogs and fallen down the Youtube rabbit hole a thousand times, but sorting through ALL the things feels too overwhelming to even take the first step. 

Wait, what even is the first step??

You wish someone could just download all the essential what I wish I knew before I started hosting information into your brain so you can hit the ground running with your first property.

I wanna know the first step!

Follow 5 simple steps to your first 5-star property, bypassing all the common rookie mistakes?

What if you could…

What if…

you could earn a steady income 

While flexing your hospitality
muscles hosting guests from all over the world, without worrying you’ll overlook some small but serious details?

You could list your First property like a pro

Knowing you have an entire playbook full of wisdom, hacks, and insider tips collected from two of Airbnb’s top Superhost superstars?

you could have all the knowledge

And none of the fluff when it comes to what you really need to know about hosting?

The hosting Handbook

Your play-by-play guide to quickly, confidently, and efficiently listing your first income-generating short-term rental.

It’s finally possible with…

Get the hosting handbook

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The Hosting Handbook gives you a clear, concise blueprint to help you navigate becoming a profitable short-term rental host.

The Hosting Handbook is a dynamic bank of up-to-date content relevant to problems, issues, and situations real hosts face every day. Because the content is curated by two of the most trusted Airbnb Superhosts on the platform, both of whom actively list and book their own STR properties, you can be certain you’re getting the latest, most relevant info.

Get the hosting handbook

You know you’ve been stuck in “planning” mode way too long – let’s put your big ideas into action.

But where do you begin? 
Where should you focus your energy?

Throw all your doubts and questions out the window, step away from Google, and dive into Hosting Handbook today.

Annette Grant &
Sarah Karakaian

Annette Grant and Sarah Karakaian have unpacked everything they wish they knew before listing their very first properties. And they’ve packaged it up into one neat, hyper-organized playbook for aspiring hosts like you.



Together, they have:

55+ years combined hospitality experience

Nearly two decades hosting
short-term rental properties

Total STR revenue earned = $25 million and counting

40 STR properties owned

8000+ bookings

Average daily rental = $525

10,000+ 5-star reviews

500+ students coached inside their
Hosting Business Mastery program

230+ podcast episodes on their hit show
Thanks For Visiting…and counting!

We’re handing over ALL our expertise to you in one generous package, filled to the brim with everything you need to know.

The hosting handbook hands over all the insider hacks and pro tips we wish
someone had given us years ago when we first dipped our toes into hosting. 

Seriously, it gives you ALL.THE.THINGS. you need to get your short-term rental prepped, listed, and profitable fast… with the fewest mistakes possible.

Consider it your own personal STR-specific Google search engine, minus all the bad advice and bogus “get-rich-quick” ads. 

Our Simple Self Hosting playbook shows you how to anticipate,
and prevent, problems

Our Simple Self Hosting playbook shows you how to anticipate, and prevent, problems

Avoid panicky midnight messages from guests who locked themselves out by establishing a seamless check-in & keyless entry process.

Make sure your cleaners are set up for success by stocking your home with all the essentials, plus those oh-so-important extras for special circumstances…red wine on the carpet, anyone?

Learn how to spot red flags so you can decline potential problem guests …they can’t trash your house if you never let them in!

Have a plan for how you’ll respond when a guest gets a little too liberal with the stinky food, marijuana, or (gasp!) glitter.

Get the hosting handbook

(Before they even happen)

We made all the
mistakes, so you
don’t have to!

Will your first listing be perfect?
No, but with our help, we’ll get you pretty darn close!

We admittedly (and thankfully!) haven’t seen it all, but between our 40+ properties, decades of hospitality experience, and years of coaching 500+ students through our Hosting Business Mastery program, we’ve seen a whole heck of a lot. And we’re giving you all the deets on how to handle whatever weird/unique/unexpected/potentially lucrative situation comes your way.

Will your first listing be perfect? No, but with our help, we’ll get you pretty darn close!

We admittedly (and thankfully!) haven’t seen it all, but between our 40+ properties, decades of hospitality experience, and years of coaching 500+ students through our Hosting Business Mastery program, we’ve seen a whole heck of a lot. And we’re giving you all the deets on how to handle whatever weird/unique/unexpected/potentially lucrative situation comes your way.

Get the hosting handbook

“As someone just getting ready to launch my first STR, this will help me be on track with my numbers from the start!”

“The spreadsheet that was given to us is amazing! I had tried turning my long term rental spreadsheet into a form that would work for short term rentals and it wasn’t working!! As someone just getting ready to launch my first STR, this will help me be on track with my numbers from the start!” 

-Shannon Leyh

We’re giving you the exact script you
need for all the wild (and run-of-the-mill) guest scenarios.

We’re giving you the exact script you need for all the wild (and run-of-the-mill) guest scenarios.

Someone wants a special discount?
There’s a script for that!

Your home sleeps 4, but a guest
asks to bring a 5th?
There’s a script for that!

You’re asked if your property can host a 
commercial photo shoot?

There’s a script for that – plus a guide to make sure you get compensated appropriately! We hate it when new hosts leave $$$ on the table!

The Hosting Handbook includes a comprehensive, searchable database of scripts and canned responses for all sorts of scenarios, from the common to the kooky. 

Trust us, having a super quick set of copy/pastable responses will save you SO much time and mental drama. No more wishy-washy well I guess I can make an exception this time – (yes, we are recovering people pleasers too).

5 Steps to Your First
Five-Star Property

A Closer Look Inside The Five Modules

Step one


The ins and outs of researching and buying your property. Already have one? Great! Skip to step 2. You can always come back when you’re ready to buy your next one.

In this section, we cover everything you need to know to choose a property that will actually make you money. From figuring out finances to choosing the right location to buy in, we spill all the details. 

We give you all the tools you need to get ready to buy, including where to find the money and how to pick a property that meets your personal goals.

You’ll discover what cities are landlord-friendly and which ones make STR hosting a real headache. And we’ll help you avoid unwelcome surprises like high taxes and restrictive regulations.

We give you easy formulas for determining key market metrics. Things like positive population growth, the local job market, and price-to-rent ratios all play a factor in choosing a profitable property.

We’ll also show you how to recruit an A+ team to help you complete the transaction, fix up the property, and manage it long-term.

In a nutshell, we show you exactly how to dial in your numbers so you won’t end up underwater. You’ll get access to our exclusive STR Property Analysis Calculator to make sure you have a plan that meets your money goals.

5 star tools included in this section:

STR Deal Analyzer

How to build your investment team


Step two

You can try winging it with your first STR, but we don’t recommend it. #beentheredonethat

Instead, create a clear behind-the-scenes foundation before you welcome your first guest. Licensing, insurance, bookkeeping… you know, the important (admittedly kinda boring) stuff. We lay it all out for you in bite-sized, easy-to-implement steps.

We cover your different options for business banking, when it makes sense to use a credit card (plus the exact cards we recommend!), and how to keep your financial records organized.

And, we give you a detailed look at the easiest online bookkeeping platforms like Quickbooks and Wave. We’re taking the fear out of finances for you, so you can avoid costly mistakes and time lost to frustrating trial and error.

STR Insurance 101

5 star tools included in this section:

Business Banking

Sample Operating Agreement

Setup secrets

Not in an overwhelming way, in an omg-I-never-would’ve-thought-about-that-until-its-too-late kind of way. From accessibility to safety, smart home tools to hot tub settings, we cover it ALL. We basically took all those worries/thoughts/questions you have floating around in your head and made one streamlined, comprehensive to-do list for you. You’re welcome ;)

HH comes with a room-by-room “What to Buy” guide full of our tried-and-true favorite products, including a budget planner for getting it all staged, so you can roll out the welcome mat for your guests.

Go through an easy checklist to keep your housekeeping supplies fully stocked and your hotel-like guest amenities always available.

We cover the ins and outs of safety, so you can rest easy knowing your guests always have working fire and carbon monoxide alarms, secure locks, and access to first aid kits. 

Plus, you’ll learn our top tips for being a good neighbor…you’ll win over even the grumpiest anti-STR naysayer with these. 

This is the most comprehensive, so-easy-to-implement system for getting your property ready to welcome its first five-star guest.

Step three

This is the fun part! We walk you through everything you need to account for when prepping your property for guests. And we do mean every.thing.

5 star tools included in this section:

Stock Your Supply Closet Checklist

Safety Tour

Security Cameras 101

Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly Maintenance Checklists

launch your listing

Step four

A perfectly stocked property isn’t enough to start getting paid, but don’t worry, you’re almost there! Part 4 helps you make sure potential guests actually see, and are attracted by, your listing. 

Let’s be real: crappy listings get buried by the algorithm. BUT! If you have the right kind of photos, an enticing (and complete!) description, competitive pricing (we’ll talk ALL about this too, don’t worry), clearly communicated house rules and expectations, and a fabulous team of helpers on standby, the bookings will start to flow. 

You’ll learn how to set up your calendar to maximize your earnings so you’re not leaving money on the table during the holidays, special occasions, or when big events come to town.

We show you how to write a profile on par with top Superhosts, and give you some insider tips about how to communicate your house rules and guest expectations up front. That way, you can avoid potential problem guests before they try to book.

Seriously, we know ALL the ins and outs of the Airbnb system and can show you how to make it work to your advantage.

Hack the Pricing system guide

5 star tools included in this section:

How To Be a Good Neighbor

Guest Welcome Book Cheatsheet

Step five

become a guest guru!

 Eeek! This is actually happening! Here, we equip you with ALL.THE.THINGS. You’ll learn:

- How to become a Superhost

- How to vet your guests (aka: keep the partiers away)

- How to optimize your calendar all year long

- How to handle cancellations without getting penalized by the app

-How to handle discount requests, extra people requests, etc, etc etc.

-How and why to track your pricing so you can be as profitable as possible

-How to schedule and automate as many of your guest messages as possible

-The ins and outs of reviews: the good, the bad, and the ugly

-Navigating special offers and promotions

-All things cleaning: from managing your cleaners to stocking your home with the best products (yes, we name names!)

-Plus, a whole database of FAQs and omg-how-do-I-handle-this scenarios. Got a question? Ctrl+F that spreadsheet, baby, and you’re golden!

Btw, if you find yourself in a scenario we haven’t covered, let us know. We’ll add it in – this is a dynamic database we’ll update on the reg. 

All Things Reviews: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

5 star tools included in this section:

Searchable Database of Canned Responses to Send Guests

Reference Bank of FAQ’s

“Thanks again SO MUCH for making this possible for me to chase after a dream I would never have found attainable without your clear, concise and actionable steps.” 

- Jennifer Burggraf

What You Need, When You Need It

Sure, there’s a lot of information packed into The Hosting Handbook – but it’s all searchable, skimmable, and binge-able. YOU decide when, where, and how much to consume. 

Crack open a bottle of wine and watch all the videos in a weekend, or take a slower pace and zero in on one piece at a time. Whichever path you choose, you’ll always have access to refer back to when you need it.

Three years from now when a potential guest asks if he can bring his emotional support llama, you’ll know where to turn to find the exact right response. 

Get the hosting handbook

The hosting handbook is designed to be super accessible & easy  to digest – binge it all, or find the help you need in the moment. 

The hosting handbook is for you if: 

This All Sounds Great… But Is This Really For Me?

You want to get your first property listed ASAP without missing important details.

The hosting handbook is not for you if: 

You don’t want to waste money on the wrong property/amenities/supplies/etc.

You don’t want to waste money on the wrong property/amenities/ supplies/etc.

You’re eager to get your first 5-star review.

You care about hosting the right way.

You want to bypass years of trial and error.

You’re tired of sifting through loads of never-ending content online.

You’re willing to invest a little bit of money up front to get access to a one-stop shop of all the things new hosts need to know.

You’re already cruising with your first 5-star property and you’re ready to expand your STR empire. (if that’s the case, check out our next level membership, Hosting Business Mastermind)

You don’t mind playing the trial and error game on your own – even if it means you lose money and get negative reviews.

You view hosting as a “get rich quick” scheme (spoiler: it’s not).

Your goal is to cram as many “heads in beds” as you can so you can squeeze every last penny of profit out of your property. 

You are not willing to invest in a made for you handbook - saving you hours of time.

If you’re serious about becoming a five-star host, the hosting handbook is your fast track to making it happen.

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If you’re serious about listing your first income-generating 5-star property quickly,  efficiently, & confidently,  you need the hosting handbook.

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