How Should You Handle Parties at Your Vacation Rental? (Episode 370)

Sick of Party Crashing? Implement These Preventative Steps at Your STR

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Brandy asks:

We host on a 10-acre property. We also live on this 10-acre property. But we continue to have guests that will break our terms and conditions, even though it is stated very plainly that we do not allow parties or gatherings of larger than six people. The last one, I walked in on their vows and was like… What’s going on here?

What do you recommend we do when this happens? Is it for me to physically go down there and stop the party or stop the gathering? Or should I just message it, take photographs, and then send it in? I do allow small gatherings, but it’s at a different price rate because the way they use the property is different. What do you recommend here?

(00:01:29) Brandy Asks About Disrupting Vacation Rental Parties 

(00:03:29) Wield the Power of a Well-Timed Phone Call 

(00:06:13) Using Neutral Phrasing & Framing with STR Guests 

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