267. Kerri Gibson

The Key to Direct Booking Success with Kerri Gibson

Today you’ll hear from a woman who left behind her corporate career for hosting. While it’s hard to do, we’ve heard that story before. But here’s a story you haven’t heard; she made it her priority to get 70% direct booking, and in this episode, shares how she did it.

Kerri Gibson is a CPA who spent the first 22 years of her career in international technology and development for tax and accounting firms. She has worked as an advisor to the Obama administration on tax legislation and was twice named one of the most influential CPAs under the age of 40 in the USA. After experiencing burnout, Kerri reevaluated her career and priorities. In 2017, she pivoted to the hospitality and real estate investment sector, including short-term rentals, and discovered her passion for entrepreneurship, hospitality, and design. 

Chalets Hygge, founded in 2017 by Kerri and her partner Philippe, has become a recognizable short-term rental brand in Quebec, Canada. They have built a brand that contributes to the local economy and culture by focusing on guest experience, passion for supporting sustainable and local businesses, and involvement in local government and tourism associations. 

Their success is evident in the numerous publications and television spots featuring their properties. By focusing on building a direct booking business, they have achieved an impressive 70% direct booking rate, allowing them to maintain control over the customer experience and build a loyal customer base. Kerri’s journey is definitely one to learn from and aspire to, and we know you’re going to learn so much from this conversation.

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It’s time for #strsharesunday! Today we are sharing Little Wolf Lodge 🐺

This 1930s cabin is located in Crestline, California.

We love that they have not one, but TWO original fireplaces: one in the main gathering area, and one in the primary bedroom!

We also love that in their listing, they said they take organization and aesthetics very seriously, and they show their kitchen utensils as an example. These kitchen utensils are all black (and they are super chic!) We love how they’ve woven this in: remember… you CAN make things organized, practical, AND aesthetically pleasing!

Finally, we love how nicely they’ve used the mirrors in their home to take reflections of what else is in the room. It’s a really different, artistic way of showcasing their space!

Well done Little Wolf Lodge! Go check them out and give them some love!

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