171. Alex Husner & Annie Holcombe

When Will the STR Bubble Burst? with Alex & Annie

With more than 35 years of combined experience in vacation rentals, Alex Husner and Annie Holcombe have teamed up to connect the dots between inspiration and opportunity, seeking to find the one story, idea, strategy or decision that led to their guests’ big A-HA moment. 

As legacy operators of vacation rentals, Alex and Annie believe in direct bookings, and rental owners who are currently only using OTAs like Airbnb or Vrbo can benefit from creating their own direct booking platform. In fact, they’re bullish on diversifying their properties to ensure they’re listed on multiple platforms and are flexible for different types of guests.

We also discuss the real estate and rental bubble and when it might burst, consolidation amongst rental properties, and what legacy vacation rentals can learn from newer short-term rentals (and vice versa).




!It’s time for #strsharesunday! Today we are sharing The Chal-A!

Take some tips from this account! They aren’t even open yet and they have been bringing us along on the journey of building this property and starting out. So many of us want to wait until everything is perfect before we put it out to the world, but they’re doing the exact opposite! They’re taking us along on the adventure and we are here 👏🏼 for 👏🏼 it 👏🏼

It’s going to be an A-frame and an airstream on the same property, and we think it’s SO encouraging! A lot of people think that we don’t want to see the “behind the scenes” or the mess…. BUT WE DO! We show a lot of accounts that do before and afters, and we love that, but we also love being taken along for the ride. People don’t just buy what you’re doing, they buy WHY you’re doing it. They have a lot of focus on family, they love the area, and putting it all together is a true labor of love. We’re invested in the story and we can’t wait to see how it turns out.

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Together, Annette & Sarah are the dynamic duo behind the wildly popular podcast Thanks For Visiting, co-creators of the Hosting Business Mastery Method, & seasoned short-term-rental hosts.

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