Remote Airbnb Hosting and Other House Hacks (Episode 92)

Remote Hosting, Real Estate, & House Hacking- with Zeona McIntyre

We’ve been fangirls of Zeona McIntyre for a while. She’s been an Airbnb host since 2012, and after eight years of being a property manager and consultant, she transitioned into selling real estate to investors looking to “house hack.” She owns seven homes and manages 15 on a short- to medium-term basis. She talks about hosting remotely, diving into real estate investing, how her career and goals have shifted, how she became financially independent in just over two years, and her pointers for a brand new host.




You guys HAVE to check out this Instagram account. We want to get on the road RIGHT NOW to go visit this rental, aptly named “Rosie”! Rosie is a 15 foot on 1964 Oasis Camper (completely made over of course, TOO CUTE FOR WORDS!), located on a vineyard in Southern California and hosted by Victoria. Photographers flock to it since it’s such a great space for content creators (psst… dual incomes! Income from guests and income from content creators looking to rent space for a short amount of time for shoots!).

Rosie is adorable, has multiple 5 star reviews, and we love how Victoria has leaned into the feminine side of Rosie and built a brand.

You’re on our wishlist, Victoria! Listeners – be sure to give a heart and a follow!

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