Systems Shakedown 003. Best Practices for Hosting Wedding Groups in Your Short-Term Rental (Success Unlocked Season 1)

Wedding Party 101: Tips for Hosting the Perfect Weekend

Welcome back to Success Unlocked, where our hosting business master membership coaches discuss operations, social media, unique builds, co-hosting strategies, and much more. This week’s episode is Systems Shakedown, hosted by Wendy Doris.

Stacey Rase, known as Miss Stacey by her guests, operates The Properties of Sleepy Lagoon in Covington, Louisiana. She specializes in full-on wedding experiences, from photoshoots to showers, engagements to 70-person receptions. 

Kylan Pimley’s hosting business, Go Gorge Getaways, is also heavily involved in the wedding industry, keyed in on hosting guests attending a major wedding venue in the area. Both women have sprawling spaces, hosting unique and memorable events in two corners of the country.

Wendy weaves the conversation in such a way that we get valuable tips from both ends of the spectrum, covering when to break up an overzealous party, how to effectively communicate house rules, what wedding-specific items they keep in their listings, and so much more. 

(02:08) Meeting Kylan Pimley & Stacey Rase

(05:20) Getting Into the Wedding Group Business

(11:10) Getting Your Property Ready to Host a Wedding Party

(12:44) Concierge Services: Yes or No?

(16:42) When To Break Up a Party 

(26:37) Partnerships & Marketing Yourself

(33:23) Would You Do It All Again?

(38:47) Effectively Communicating With Guests

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