Success Unlocked: Systems Shakedown 2

Tips for Healthy Business Deals With Family

Welcome back to Success Unlocked, where our hosting business master membership coaches discuss operations, social media, unique builds, co-hosting strategies, and much more. This week’s episode is Systems Shakedown, hosted by Wendy Doris.

Today’s episode is a family affair, as Wendy interviews her step-father, Jeff Metzger, on his vast experience in the private lending space – specifically as it relates to working with family. Although he’s at the helm of America’s biggest kids sports centers, he’s new to the STR space, giving us an enlightened outside perspective on an important financing lever available to us.

For these two, it started with a $16k renovation loan and has blossomed into a wide portfolio of projects and successes which we hear about today. It all starts with a well-built plan, setting and managing expectations on both sides, ultimate trust, and having patience to see it through.

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