Tips for Sensible Vacation Rental Scaling (CC4)

Recommended Systems, Software & Scaling Benchmarks for Co-Hosting

Welcome back to Success Unlocked, where our hosting business master membership coaches discuss operations, social media, unique builds, co-hosting strategies, and so much more. This week’s episode is Co-Hosting Confidential, hosted by Amy Corbett.

Amy is joined by Jamie Stark Inlow, owner and operator of Be Still Getaways, a boutique management and design company located in the Shenandoah Valley in the Central Virginia area. Beginning her career in higher education, Jaimie has translated her hospitality-focused approach to work and relationships into a quickly expanding business, managing a dedicated team of 60+. 

With concrete plans to double her doors in 2024, Jamie is a great resource for operations design and team building – sharing valuable takeaway advice for hiring from within and onboarding partners (and properties) that fit your long term vision. 

(00:02:20) Meeting Jaimie: Getting Her Start in Hosting

  • Inspiration for Starting Be Still Getaways 
  • Applying a hospitality theme to her higher education work
  • Jamie’s article in CNBC
  • Doubling her doors in 2024
  • Leveraging influencer audiences 

(00:12:23) Tips for Vetting Potential Partnerships & Properties 

  • Running the numbers with a realtor 
  • Creating a one-stop-shop for owners
  •  Jamie describes her onboarding process

(00:21:59) Building & Managing a Team of 60+

  • Day-to-day roles and responsibilities
  • Juggling work/life balance 
  • Managing on-call availability an interruptions 
  • Operations, lawn care, and maintenance teams 
  • Cleaning and turnover staff 
  • Turno management software 
  • Jaimie’s role in the business

(00:39:04) Getting Started with Vacation Rental Co-Hosting

  • Knowing when to hire out for help
  • Building trust and promoting from within
  • Common pain points and challenges

(00:47:23) What’s Next for Be Still Getaways?

  • Making decisions with long runways
  • Being selective of what you get into
  • Auditing costs on a continuous basis 
  • Jaimie’s takeaway advice for beginners

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