Vacation Rental Damage Waiver Programs 101 (Episode 374)

Your STR Guests Keep Staining Linens – Are You Covered?

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Betsy asks:

I wanted to talk about damage waivers using companies like Waivo. I’m using Waivo specifically and encountering some significant challenges.

I quickly learned that the generous linen coverage that I thought Waivo provided was not that, that things like standard bodily fluids that don’t come out in the wash are not covered. We are encountering this problem at one particular property almost every turn, on multiple beds. It adds up quickly for the owners to have to be replacing all these linens. 

I also want to make sure I’m not giving guests a false sense of hope that they can just relax and not see a bill at the end of the day within reason.

(00:01:16) Betsy Asks About Linen Coverage at Her Co-Hosted STRs

(00:03:04) Vacation Rental Damage Waiver Program Options

(00:04:48) Consider an In-House Damage Waiver Process

(00:06:47) What Do Vacation Rental Damage Waivers Cover?

(00:08:04) How To Design Your Own STR Damage Waiver Program

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