We Bought Land (Part 3): Reality Check on Glamping Site Timelines, Financing & Construction (Episode 373)

Recapping Early Stages of Our Glamping STR Property Development

We’re making progress on our Hocking Hills glamping project with cabin demo, prefab purchases, and creative financing. Check in for an honest, relatable recollection of the development process from two eager investors knee deep in a long term legacy build.

First, we take you behind the scenes on Day 1 of cabin demo, a delightfully quick process with some fun creative questions to answer (roll-away bed or no roll-away bed?). Along the way, we sing the praises of our investment team, highlighting the cost savings we’ve enjoyed thanks to their specific skills and areas of expertise.

Next, a big reveal! 

We talk about the research we did on prefabricated structures and unveil which incredible design we’ve elected to bring to our property, when they will arrive, how we plan to furnish them, and – somewhat critically – how we will pay for them.

Next, what’s next? We’ll need to raise money, create or move some roads, put in landscaping, build decks, and purchase and install amenities; there’s still so much to do and be excited about. We’re proud to bring you along for the ride, and thank you for joining us in this challenging endeavor!

(00:01:37) #STRShareSunday: @richhollowretreat

(00:04:07) Update on Our Hocking Hills STR Glamping Project

  • We Bought Land: Part 1, Part 2
  • Demo day on the existing cabin structure
  • Leveraging the team’s expertise to save money
  • Doing our prefab research 
  • Inspiration at the 2023 Glamping Show
  • Benefits of our new mirror houses

(00:19:27) Getting Priorities Straight: Creativity vs. Cash Flow 

  • Fighting the urge to customize and complicate 
  • Should we keep the rollout kitchen bed? (Vote!)
  • Personalizing the interiors of our mirror houses
  • Creative financing process and ideas 
  • Making phone calls and asking questions  

(00:29:31) Next Steps in Building Our Dream Vacation Rental Property

  • Getting the mirror houses in position 
  • Financing new roads, decking, hot tubs, etc.
  • Starting fresh with new books and accounts 
  • Forecasting profits (but not to a point of shame!)

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We are practicing what we preach! Because this land development project is being hatched with partners, we have to start fresh with an Instagram account – we’d love your support! It can feel like there isn’t much to share when you’re still getting your property up and running, but the story behind starting is incredibly interesting and people want to see behind the scenes. Our account, for now, is dedicated to sharing design steps of the first cabin, the team shopping for hot tubs, and the work that is going into prepping the land for our first guests. Come along for the ride!

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