We Stayed in a Castle! European Short-Term Rental Industry Review (Episode 367)

5 Key Takeaways From Short Stay Summit 2024 in London, England

In today’s solo (duo?) episode, we unpack an expansive recent experience we shared in England, learning about this amazing industry. From an STR business retreat hosted in a towering castle, complete with moat, to the Short Stay Summit 2024 in London – we’ve come home with a wider and more full picture of what hosts are doing and seeing around the world.

Our journey begins at Middleton Castle, where our new friend, Humphrey Bowles of Superhog, expertly curated a thought leadership retreat for 17 of the space’s foremost voices and innovators. We talk about what exactly led us to getting an invite, what we saw and heard there, and the value in getting out of one’s usual workspace – both mentally and physically.

From there, we recap our key takeaways from Short Stay Summit 2024, including cleaning questions heard round the world, hard sustainability truths, guest and property safety, and of course – the five-hundred pound gorilla in the room: artificial intelligence.

(00:01:50) #STRShareSunday: @middletoncastle

  • An enchanting space for large gatherings 
  • Unique bathrooms and bathing 
  • Annette reads Middleton Castle’s amenity list
  • Travel with stayaltido.com  

(00:07:09) Getting the Invite to Middleton Castle

  • How and why we almost said no!
  • Going into it with a mission 
  • Benefits of a professional retreat 
  • A look at the business agenda 
  • Setting aside the imposter syndrome 

(00:17:11) Top Takeaways from Vacation Rental Leaders 

(00:21:14) Short Stay Summit in London 2024

  • Attend in 2025: shortstaysummit.org 
  • Scale of American STR industry vs. Europe’s 
  • Hosting at a true global Bucket List destination 
  • Focus on safety for all hosts 
  • Conversations around sustainability
  • Differences in STR regulations around the world  

(00:25:02) Growing Role of AI in Vacation Rental Industry

  • Highlighting (not hiding) the human element of hosting
  • Thanks For Visiting listener avatar 
  • Demographic challenges for AI adoption 
  • Working smarter not harder 
  • Annette previews an AI assistant she’s testing 
  • Reinforcing our “why”

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This week’s #STRShareSunday spotlight shines on Middleton Castle, where history meets luxury in the heart of the United Kingdom. Nestled amidst picturesque landscapes, this majestic castle offers an unforgettable immersive experience. Impeccable accommodations await, with tastefully decorated rooms preserving the castle’s heritage and complimenting modern comforts. From professional retreats to family gatherings, Middleton Castle provides the perfect backdrop for any occasion. Guests rave about the attention to detail, from private chefs to billiards, ensuring every moment is memorable.

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Together, Annette & Sarah are the dynamic duo behind the wildly popular podcast Thanks For Visiting, co-creators of the Hosting Business Mastery Method, & seasoned short-term-rental hosts.

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