Hosting Hotline: Does My Security System Camera Break Airbnb Rules? (Episode 364)

Airbnb Summer Update: No Interior Cameras Means No Interior Cameras

Welcome back to the Hosting Hotline! This is an Ask Me Anything where each week we’ll answer your questions on Airbnb, STRs, real estate, and everything in between.

Becky asks:

I have an ADT security system and my control panel has a little camera on it. It takes a picture of the person who is setting or disabling the alarm. Nobody ever sets the alarm in the Airbnb, but it is in the hallway. I was wondering… Does that count as a camera for Airbnb? If I put a sticker over it, would that work as not having a camera? 

(00:01:32) Question About Airbnb’s New No-Camera Policy

(00:02:07) Out of Context: Is it an Interior Camera? 

(00:03:00) Call Your Insurance, Ask Airbnb & Ask Your Attorney

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