Hosting Hotline: Should Direct Bookings Earn More Revenue Than OTAs? (Episode 360)

Quick Tips for Utilizing STR Dynamic Pricing Tools in Direct Booking

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Angela asks:

One of my properties has a 60% direct booking rate. I’m trying to figure out the best way to adjust my pricing so that my net earnings on a direct booking is slightly higher than when guests book through a third-party platform.

Right now, if I get an Airbnb booking, I pay 3% commission to Airbnb. If I get a direct booking, I pay a 3% commission to Stripe in credit card fees. So I net the same either way, it’s only the guest that saves money by booking directly. 

I know I can add a booking fee for direct bookings that would increase my bottom line, but I think a long list of fees is a turnoff for guests. I’m curious what’s worked for you and what percentage do you add, if any, to your direct booking rate so that you’re netting more?

(00:02:03) How Can I Boost Bottom-Line Revenue via Direct Bookings?

(00:03:39) Reframing the Inherent Value of Captured STR Customer Data

(00:05:26) Leveraging PriceLabs Dynamic Pricing to Boost Revenue

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