Hosting Hotline: Summer Grilling Safety Tips for Airbnb Hosts & Co-Hosts (Episode 358)

How to Encourage Safe Grilling at Your Vacation Rental Property

Welcome back to the Hosting Hotline! This is an Ask Me Anything where each week we’ll answer your questions on Airbnb, STRs, real estate, and everything in between.

Samantha asks:

What’s your take on grills at a short-term rental? I always wanted to stay away because I’m terrified someone will burn down our brand new beach houses. But we recently had an upcoming guest ask if we had a grill, and they were pretty bummed out that we didn’t offer that. Then, they asked us if we could provide one for them. Are we missing out on potential clients? Is it worth it? We would love your insight on this. 

(00:01:48) Intro to Grilling at Vacation Homes (Yes, You Need One)

(00:03:10) BTS of Sarah’s Gulf Shores HGTV Experience 

(00:05:04) Recommendations for an Airbnb Grill Amenity 

(00:06:02) Safety First! How to Encourage Safe Grilling

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