Hosting Hotline: Details on Airbnb’s New Indoor Camera Policy – Starting TODAY (Episode 354)

How To Get Camera Compliant with Airbnb’s New Rules & Regulations

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Russell asks:

Hosts are seeing so much out there right now about cameras and Airbnb. I have one on my front porch. Is this still okay? Can you guys cut through all the noise and tell us exactly what we need to know about the cameras? Can we have them? Should we have them?

(00:01:10) What’s the Deal with Cameras & Airbnb? 

(00:02:27) Exact Verbiage of Airbnb’s New Camera Policy

(00:05:55) Combatting Public Concern Over Hidden STR Cameras

(00:07:31) Other Useful (and Legal) Airbnb Monitoring Sensors

(00:09:39) How to Get Camera Compliant on Your Airbnb Listing

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  • Important: Airbnb Camera Policy
  • NoiseAware | The Indoor and Outdoor Sensors monitor noise levels at your property and will alert you through your Dashboard or Mobile App when the noise levels go over your set thresholds. Use code TFVNA20 for 20% off ($144/year including 1 free indoor sensor) and 20% off any additional indoor or outdoor sensors.
  • Video: Noise Aware – for Noisy Airbnb Guests 
  • Airbnb Essentials Checklist:

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