STR Safety in 2024: Regulations, Technology & Trends with Justin Ford (Episode 345)

Reviewing Safety Standards for Airbnb Rentals in 2024

Today’s expert guest is Justin Ford, an international safety superstar when it comes to short-term rentals. Returning for his record thirteenth appearance on the show, the wisdom just never stops with Justin, as he’s become a close friend of the show – and hopefully, a trusted advisor to all of our listeners. 

Justin updates us on his latest travels, taking us from a safety survey in a $40k/night Colorado mansion listing to affecting permanent and positive change in Cancun’s STR regulations. We go from the details – touching on carbon monoxide detectors and loose rugs – to looking at safety from a wider perspective – insurance liability, communication, and industry trends. 

We can’t thank Justin enough for being such a huge part of our own educational programming, and for fighting the good fight for honest, safety-minded hosts all over the world. His advice continues to be invaluable to us, and to this community. We encourage you to show him some love on social media when you get the chance! 

(00:01:26) #STRShareSunday: @staynplay_branson

(00:04:30) The State of Short-Term Rental Safety

(00:09:16) The Global Travels of an STR Safety Expert

  • Stops in England, Tahiti, and Costa Rica
  • Surveying a $40,000/night rental in Beaver Creek
  • Quirks and safety risks in a listing of such magnitude 
  • How Justin has personally influenced STR safety regulations in Cancun

(00:13:27) Importance of Gas Detectors in Your Listing

(00:15:14) What Makes a Safe Bedroom in a Vacation Rental?

  • Justin’s work with the FCAC (Fire Code Action Committee)
  • Upcoming egress regulations for sleeping spaces 
  • Fire safety risks of modern furniture materials 

(00:17:44) How to Effectively Sell Your Commitment to Safety 

  • How the news impacts bookings 
  • Recalling the CO detector example from Mexico 
  • What are guests looking for, RE: safety? 

(00:21:55) Safety Steps to Remember as an STR Co-Host

  • Avoiding the litigiousness that’s crept into the industry 
  • Walkthroughs and other important measures to take 
  • Co-hosts vs. homeowners, RE: legal responsibility 

(00:26:25) Defending Your Certifiably Safe Short-Term Rental 

  • Does your listing have a hot tub?
  • Water/chemical management suggestions 
  • Horror stories of deferred responsibility 
  • Document, document, document 
  • Breezeway for inspection reports 
  • Prioritize partnering with the right insurance provider 
  • Proper and Foremost short-term rental insurance 
  • Questions to ask insurance companies 

(00:34:18) Quick & Easy Steps to a Safer Airbnb Listing

  • Avoid trips, slips, and falls with larger doormats 
  • Properly communicating through signage 
  • Where to place signage (and why)
  • What’s up with slide amenities?
  • Beware of get-rich-quick schemes for added headcount 

(00:44:05) What’s Next for Justin Ford?

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