Hosting Hotline: Creative Ideas for STR Concierge Services (Episode 342)

Differentiate Your Short-Term Rental Listing with Guest Services

Francesca asks:

I am looking for ways to enhance the guest experience through concierge services. As an example, I saw someone post that they’ll put away Instacart groceries for guests before they arrive. I’m looking for unique and creative concierge services to offer guests and differentiate from competitors. If you have any suggestions, that would be awesome. We are in a beach market.

(00:01:20) Question About Concierge Services at Vacation Rental 

(00:02:19) Getting Your Strategy Straight: Revenue Driver vs. Free Gift

(00:03:14) Recommended Creative Concierge Services for Your STR Listing

(00:07:17) Market Research & Generative Brainstorming for HostsThanks to everyone who submitted questions. To hear your voice on the show and send a question to Sarah and Annette, submit your burning hosting questions at:

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