Hosting Hotline: How Much Is Too Much Communication With Short-Term Rental Guests?  (Episode 340)

Tips for Communicating Your Rental Agreement to Airbnb Guests

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Sandrine asks:

I have a few questions regarding guest communication. How much is too much and how exactly do you handle communicating the rental agreement? Do you send the rental agreement right through the booking platform, like Airbnb, or ask for a personal email? What do you do if they don’t respond or sign it by the time that they book? I know each guest is different in how much interaction they want with their hosts, so I’m just wondering what the consensus seems to be on this topic.

(00:01:24) Appropriate Frequency of Communication with STR Guests 

(00:03:01) Tips for Communicating Your Rental Agreement

(00:06:46) Suggested Cadence for Vacation Rental Guest Communications

(00:09:35) Benefits to Asking for a Review Upon Checkout

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