How To Make Facebook & Instagram Ads That Drive Bookings for Your Short-Term Rental (Episode 333)

How To Make Facebook & Instagram Ads That Drive Bookings for Your Short-Term Rental

Retargeting Facebook Ads for a Better Conversion Rate & More Bookings

Today’s expert guest is Tara Zirker. Tara is the owner and founder of Successful Ads Club, a high-touch support training platform where she teaches thousands of business owners, including hosts like you, how to rapidly scale their small businesses through the power of Facebook and Instagram Ads with tiny budgets (and has received over 1,000 positive student reviews!).

She’s worked on ad campaigns with people like  Marianne Williamson (New York Times bestselling author), Jordan Lee Dooley (multiple 7-figure lifestyle entrepreneur), and Hilary Rushford (multiple 7-figure style guru), and has spoken at large conferences like Social Media Marketing World & Traffic and Conversions.

In this episode, Tara shares how to get started with Facebook ads, even on a tiny budget – you can start with as little as $10 a day! We also discuss the most common mistakes people make in their short-term rental listing ads, what metrics to watch to ensure you never pay too much for a lead, and how to avoid wasting money on Facebook Ads.

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7 Tips to Keep in Mind When Running Facebook and Instagram Ads for Your Airbnb Listings

  • Start Small: Begin with a budget as low as $10 a day and aim for a 1.5 to 2.5X return on your investment.
  • Avoid Boosting Posts: Instead of simply boosting posts, use the Ads Manager in Facebook to target people who are more likely to take action, such as people visiting your website or making a booking.
  • Utilize Retargeting: Retarget people who have interacted with your ads or visited your website to remind them of your property and encourage bookings.
  • Leverage Video Views: Use video ads to showcase your property and capture interest, then retarget viewers with conversion-focused ads.
  • Focus on Conversions: Your main goal should be conversions (a conversion is taking someone who sees your ad and converting them into a paying customer or guest), such as direct bookings, rather than just visibility or likes.
  • Experiment and Learn: Continuously test different ad strategies, creatives (the ad someone sees is a creative – it could be a picture with text or a video), and targeting options (deciding who wants to see your ad) to find what works best for your property.
  • Be Patient: Give your ads time to perform and be prepared to adjust your strategy based on the results you see.

Episode Timestamps

(00:01:07) #STRShareSunday: @lil.desert.cabin

(00:03:37) How Tara Got Into Digital Advertising

(00:08:14) Campaign Budgets: Big & Small

(00:11:09) Most Common Mistakes People Make

(00:19:21) Audience Retargeting & How To Do It Effectively

(00:23:02) What You Need: Platform, Financial & Time Commitments

(00:30:03) Tips for Measuring the Efficacy of Your Facebook Ads

(00:32:44) Top Tools for Generating Click-Worthy Creative

(00:38:09) Frequent Frustrations & Roadblocks to Avoid

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The first thing we noticed about this cute cabin in Southern Utah is that they’ve leveraged Furnished Finder in their link tree as an added effort to gain visibility – we’re assuming – in the healthcare space, since this property’s host is a nurse. Check out their Instagram to see how they’ve diversified their digital real estate for a wider audience.

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