Hosting Hotline: Short-Term Rental Guests vs. Mid-Term Rental Tenants (Episode 332)

Tips for Hosting & Collecting Rent From Mid-Term Rental Tenants

Welcome back to the Hosting Hotline! This is an Ask Me Anything where each week we’ll answer your questions on Airbnb, STRs, real estate, and everything in between.

Caitlyn asks:

Midterm rentals are a really great option for a lot of us hosts. What do we need to be looking out for when looking for great tenants?

(00:01:47) Guests vs. Tenants: 28 Days Later

(00:05:13) Building Rental Processes in Zillow

(00:07:13) List Your Property as BOTH an STR & Midterm Rental

(00:12:39) How Do I Collect Rent from Mid-Term Rental Tenants?

(00:16:25) Preview of an Upcoming Episode Theme

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