Pro Tips for Remote Hosting a Mid-Term Rental Portfolio with Sarah Weaver (Episode 323)

Pro Tips for Hosting an Out-of-State Mid-Term Rental Portfolio

Today’s expert guest is Sarah Weaver, co-author of the new MTR management book, 30 Day Stay. She joins the show to detail her amazing journey – around the world and back again – to Omaha, where she’s now grown roots as a trusted MTR hosting mentor, real estate investor, business coach, speaker, and global workshop leader.

Sarah is financially free and has leveraged mid-term rentals to design a life she loves. In this episode, we hear all about the beginning of her travels – managing her first property from Argentina and buying her second from Mexico – all the way through to her burgeoning empire in the American midwest (with a pandemic pitstop in New Zealand, of course).

Her wealth of experience and wisdom goes so much deeper than midterm rentals; steeped in the low-grade pressure cooker of solo female global travel and through work with her own mentors, her perspective on the world gives us so much to learn from.

(00:01:13) #STRShareSunday: @40th.and.fruit

(00:06:49) Sarah Weaver’s Worldwide Hosting Journey

  • Teaching and working in South Korea and Germany 
  • Learning money hacks to enable her travel 
  • Setting up her first property by hand
  • Managing it from Bueno Aires, Argentina 
  • Buying and operating her second listing from Mexico

(00:17:10) Managing Rapid Growth in 2020/21

  • De-emphasizing speed to savor the experience 
  • Running three companies with six employees
  • Bali to Malaysia to living in a van in New Zealand 
  • Adding 12 doors in 92 days in Iowa 

(00:27:05) Shifting Strategy to Mid-Term Rentals 

  • Introducing: The BRRRR-STR method
  • The plan to target travel nurses as tenants 
  • Communication expectations for MTRs
  • Automated messages that seed extended stays 
  • Hitting 97% occupancy in 2022
  • Target events to run a hybrid model STR-MTR 
  • Prioritizing safety for your guests 
  • Sarah’s vetting process for MTR guests 
  • One extra actionable tip for getting MTR bookings 

(00:46:58) Growing Roots in Omaha, Nebraska 

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