Hosting Hotline: Decorating Your STR for the Holidays (Episode 314)

Airbnb Hosting Hotline: Help for Short-Term Rental Hosts

Pros & Cons of Setting Up Holiday Decor in Your Short-Term Rental

Welcome back to the Hosting Hotline! This is an Ask Me Anything where each week we’ll answer your questions on Airbnb, STRs, real estate, and everything in between.

Nick asks:

I really get into the holiday season and I wonder… Do you think there’s any value in decorating for the holidays for guests? Are there any pieces that I’m missing as far as our cleaners or anything like that in terms of cost vs. reward?

(00:01:52) Cost vs. Reward on Holiday Decorations?

(00:02:30) Communicate With Cleaning Team About New Decor 

(00:03:05) Look for Tasteful, Non-Denominational Pieces 

(00:05:36) Positive Experiences & Good Examples 

(00:06:44) Making Decor Choices Repeatable & Replaceable Thanks to everyone who submitted questions. To hear  your voice on the show and send a question to Sarah and Annette, submit your burning hosting questions at:

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