303. Jonathan and Heidi Love

Tips for Finding Success in the Mid-Term Rental Niche

Today’s expert guests are Jonathan and Heidi Love, superhosts, realtors, and mid-term rental specialists focused in San Diego and Scottsdale, Arizona. Jonathan is a Marine Corps officer with an MBA from Purdue and is nearing his military retirement; Heidi is a professional property manager. They help connect client families with temporary homes where, and for however long they need.

In this episode, Heidi chats about renting multiple rooms in one home (while she was living in it!), Jonathan reveals the insights that got him hooked on hospitality, and we revel in what they have planned for the future after a first scintillating year in business together. 

Their winding and non-traditional paths to this landing in this field provide a great illustration of the many ways one can succeed as a host if they’re willing to take the leap – making your own schedule and controlling your own financial destiny like these two have.

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Today we’re featuring Historic Johnston Home at Beatha Ur Farm. Holy smokes – this farm is from 1868 and is just oozing with historical charm. Suzanne and Charlie have spent three years restoring this home and you can tell they’ve put in some serious hard work. 

From ceilings to doorknobs, it is absolutely beautiful, staying true to a farmhouse feel on a sprawling four-acre property while weaving in modern conveniences like heated floors and electric fireplaces. You definitely want to check this one out. Great job, Suzane and Charlie.

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