How A New York City-Based Host Grew His Hospitality Business in the Hudson Valley (Episode 291)

Boardrooms to Bedrooms: How An NYC-Based Host Crushed Hospitality in the Hudson Valley (with Ray Vargas)

Hello listeners! We’re thrilled to have Ray Vargas join us today. Ray left his corporate job in NYC to start a vacation rental business in New York’s gorgeous Hudson Valley. With local roots and a background in hospitality, Ray has built an award-winning company managing over 50 luxury properties.

He shares how Home Sweet Hudson was born out of necessity when he couldn’t find help managing his vacation home, how he leveraged his local connections and hospitality skills to provide 5-star experiences for his guests, how he pressure tests homes before renting them, and his tips for hiring and retaining a top-notch team.

Other topics covered include the importance of professional photography, developing company culture and core values, and transitioning to an entrepreneurial lifestyle. Ray’s story proves that, with grit and passion, you can build a thriving business – even in rural areas!

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We interrupt Day 1 of TFVCon to bring you this extra special #strsharesunday with Retro Retreats Cincy!

We have been following along for quite some time, and they have four different apartments… and they are television show themed with a retro flair! If you’re a fan of Schitt’s Creek, Golden Girls, Friends, or Seinfeld (or all of them), you’re going to LOVE these rentals!

Can we get you on our show? Because we want to know how long it took to source all of the things in these properties. They literally make you feel like you’re in the middle of a sitcom set.

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Kudos to them for really thinking about what they wanted to do, going after it, crushing it. And they just recently opened up this year, but man, we NEED to hear about the success of going in on a niche and making it happen in Cincinnati, Ohio.

If we were two of the Golden Girls, who would be? 🤭

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