273. Diya Liu

From Lawyer to Hotelier: Build Your Portfolio with Diya Liu’s Real Estate Investing Strategies

We are thrilled to welcome former lawyer turned hotelier, Diya Liu, to the podcast. Diya is a true powerhouse in the real estate and hospitality industry. Drawing from her academic background in chemical engineering and biochemistry, she pursued a legal career in patent litigation. However, her incredible success in reaching $200,000 net rental income with short-term rentals led her to make the courageous decision to quit her job and fully immerse herself in the world of real estate investing. With her extensive portfolio, she owns four boutique hotels and around a dozen short-term rentals across the USA. As if that wasn’t impressive enough, Diya is also the CEO of Welcome Capital, a remarkable $10 million STR and hotel fund. 

What sets Diya apart is her ability to leverage her legal background to teach others not only how to achieve financial independence through short-term rentals but also advanced techniques such as off-market acquisitions, creative financing with zero down payments, and innovative exit strategies like wrapped note transactions. She is passionate about sharing her expertise and empowering experienced short-term rental operators and owners to scale into hotel investing.

We are honored to have Diya share her invaluable insights, experiences, and strategies with us on this podcast. Diya gives us the lowdown on where to find hotel acquisition opportunities in the best markets, unique marketing strategies for boutique hotels, optimizing operations with new technology, what’s in her buy box and why now is the golden era for boutique hotels. Get ready to be inspired and gain the knowledge you need to take your real estate and hospitality ventures to new heights.

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It’s time for #strsharesunday! Today we are sharing The Brooklyn Inn😍

Melinda and Matilda host Mountain Lake Bungalows and they’re back at it again with their new property: @thebrooklyninn where they are doing mid-term rentals.

NYC has different rules and regulations around short-term rentals, so… mid-term rentals it is! And the Brooklyn Inn is GORGEOUS.

Melinda and Matilda are both from Sweden and do PR for Visit Sweden (huge account!) while also hosting their own properties here in the US, where they can bring that same hospitalist and guest-centered goals to their properties.

If you’re in a spot where maybe your town is considering different rules and regulations around short-term rentals, don’t count yourself out.

Maybe you have a slower season or maybe you have a busier time in your life, or maybe you need to press pause on the fast action, short-term rentals. Check them out to see how they are welcoming guests in their mid-term rental, and look to them for inspiration!

We would love to feature YOU, so don’t forget to use #STRShareSunday to get your chance!

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