265. Jeff Brown

Unlocking Airbnb Success: Maximize Revenue and Bookings with Intellihost

Who doesn’t want to book more guests? Jeff Brown is a self proclaimed data geek. He co-founded Loma Homes, a vacation rental company that focuses on unique experiences and themes. Jeff saw the need for better data to optimize his properties and therefore created IntelliHost as an internal tool to help him grow his STR business. IntelliHost is the first platform to show you the entire Airbnb search funnel and how you’re performing in each step. Their mission is to empower hosts to make data driven decisions that optimize their listings and earn more Airbnb revenue.

This episode is juicy. You’ll learn how you can improve your Airbnb booking funnel by paying attention to four things that could be keeping people from booking your property. In this episode, Jeff breaks down the Airbnb search funnel and how to show up in results, how to optimize your property for Airbnb’s filter, Airbnb’s algorithm for determining relevance, tips for launching a brand new listing, optimizing your cover image and what’s scaring people away in your listing description. We’re excited for you to leverage data from IntelliHost to increase your bookings and revenue for your short term rental!

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It’s time for #strsharesunday! Today we are sharing Cedar Mountain View 😍

Amanda and Nathan host this gorgeous spot in Tennessee!

A few things we want to point out

⭐ This is a family friendly rental! They have some great games of all shapes and sizes to play. They have foosball, air hockey, some arcade games, and a giant Connect 4 set! Games like this can be fun for children and adults alike and are super interactive!

⭐ We love the amazing decals on their stairs. It’s a little design element that just shows the guests that you’re paying attention, that you’re into design. And also it’s probably a safety feature too, giving you a little bit of a contrast to the stairs and getting up there!

⭐ Amanda writes handwritten notes to all of her guests, and we absolutely just adore that.

Listeners, if you don’t provide any games, this is your sign to buy some games, even if it’s a deck of cards 🃏

Get something in case the guest staying at your home wants something to do that’s not in their normal activity, and it can be something as simple as a deck of cards to get them started!

Well done Amanda and Nathan!

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