263. Andi Diamond Bennett

From Teardown to HGTV: Inside Andi Diamond’s 100-Day Beachfront Hotel Renovation

Andi Diamond Bennett is an on-the-go mom of two, wife, portrait photographer, co-owner of 10 STRs, and co-owner of Sunburst Inn which was just renovated and featured on HGTV’s 100 Day Dream Home: Beachfront Hotel. She lives in Tampa, FL and her properties are all in Indian Shores and Indian Rocks Beach, FL. 

Today, Andi sits down with us to spill the beans about her whirlwind television journey, from her hotel being bought for teardown, to making over a million dollars in revenue this year. She’s living so many short-term rental hosts’ dream of being a television talent and hotelier, but the truth is that it’s not all fun and glamorous. 

We talk about the highs and lows of her journey, how she manages multiple properties and a full-time job, as well as how she got on HGTV’s 100-Day Dream Home. She also shares behind-the-scenes secrets of the entire process – including the benefits of being featured on the show, sharing the unique marketing strategies she’s employing to take advantage of HGTV’s valuable exposure. We know you’re going to learn a lot from Andi’s experience!

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It’s time for #strsharesunday! Today we are sharing Riverside Retreat 😍

First of all, go check out their instagram feed because they have some SERIOUSLY amazing reels.

One of them is basically screen sharing their listing as well as other Airbnb listings in their area, and we thought it was a really genuine way to showcase themselves and other hosts! It’s essentially taking all of the photos and giving someone a very concise feel of their listing of what they would see on Airbnb.

Another thing that they did that was lovely (and we want to encourage everyone to take inspiration from them) is they have a reel all about small businesses in their community! They’ve screenshotted their best coffee shops and basically made a call-to-action to guests to visit their favorite hidden gems and small businesses in the city. We 👏🏼 love 👏🏼 businesses 👏🏼 supporting 👏🏼 businesses 👏🏼

They also ask those small businesses in the area that might want to partner with them to reach out. This is someone’s dream to just be scrolling through and say, “hey, I’m going to send them a direct message or an email that I want to partner with them.”

Finally… we HAVE to know what that amazing color in their bathroom is. It’s like a berry-mauve and it’s gorgeous. Style-wise, we love the way the colors have been woven throughout their space. Definitely check them out! We guarantee you’ll be inspired!

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