200. Annette + Sarah

The Best Highlights from TFV Live (Our First Event!)

To celebrate our 200th episode we’re recapping all the best moments from our very first live event: TFV Live! Experience at the Sahara Las Vegas.

Real Estate

Kenny Bedwell from STR Insights – STR real estate deals are both emotional and logical. Don’t just chase the right returns; make sure you’re investing in towns and communities that you have a connection with and are passionate about.

Creative Funding Panel – There are a myriad of ways to make a real estate deal happen. Don’t stop if you get turned down by one or two banks; keep asking, and keep pitching. (Or, be like Mike Hicks, and focus on private lenders over banks!)


Sean Kemper from Kemper Industries – Make sure you have the proper array of cleaning supplies for your STR (and your home). Not every solution works with every type of mess; whether it’s mold, pet messes, or salt & snow from winter, you need the right product for each scenario.

Justin Ford from Breezeway – Safety is the MOST important thing in any STR. Treat your property the same way that hotels are required to do by law, including smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, and structural safety. Don’t assume that insurance has you covered! (And be sure to get your free safety certification from Breezeway).

Kyle Stanley from Fearless Kyle – Don’t overthink hiring; leverage your network, take action, and hire before you’re ready. Try posting something like this on your social media of choice: “I’m looking for someone in [Your Area] who would like to make $400-500 per month, part-time, to help with some real estate tasks. So easy, anyone can do it. Please message me or tag someone you know who may be interested.”


Emily Miethner from GetawayUpstate – Leverage social media to differentiate your listings and drive interest from guests. And don’t underestimate the power of influencer marketing: you can partner with local influencers and media outlets in your area to offer giveaways or promotions and drive new bookings.

Arthur Colker from StayFi – It’s never too early to start gathering your guest’s information to build an email list. StayFi offers an integration for your property’s WiFi to automatically collect guest emails and begin cataloging them into your email marketing tool of choice.

Direct Booking Panel – Don’t leave your success in the hands of Airbnb! You could go from 0–30% direct bookings (or more) just by taking quick action on simple items like creating your direct booking website, or starting a blog based on your property’s city or state.

Thank you so much to all of our guests, speakers, and sponsors who made TFV Live possible!

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