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Hosting Hotline: Comparing Your STR House Rules with Airbnb’s Guest Policies

Welcome to another Ask Me Anything (Ask Us Anything?) episode! Each week we’ll answer your questions on STR, real estate, OTAs, and everything in between.

Courtney asks:

We recently had a situation with Airbnb in which a guest had not signed a rental agreement within 48 hours of booking, which is specified in our listing’s rules. Airbnb refused to uphold our rule, and stated that the guests had until the moment of check-in to meet our requirement of signing the rental agreement.

Airbnb has very much sided with guests, claiming that they would not cancel the reservation on their end until that moment of check-in, and even going so far as to threaten me about canceling the reservation as a host because of their new policy (which just took effect in August).

How do you go about ensuring that guests sign a rental agreement when Airbnb won’t uphold your rules?

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