153. Tereasa Surratt

Creating a Time-Traveling Summer Camp Destination with Tereasa Surratt

Finding ways to stand out in the rental industry is key. What better way to stand out than running a massive summer camp out of a historical 1920s speakeasy? Tereasa Surratt is a creative director in Chicago who rescued a century-old 25-acre summer camp that she then renovated with her husband. 

She shares how they balance running the, now, 60-person capacity Airbnb summer camp while juggling day jobs in marketing, the benefits of putting passion ahead of profit, and the virtuous cycle of shining a spotlight on your competitors.




It’s time for #strsharesunday! Today we are sharing Far Out Cottage.

This rental is aptly named because it is indeed Far Out! Check out their instagram and their airbnb listing! This 1940s cottage is located right outside of Portland and has kept a lot of that historic charm. The tile in the bathroom is pink and mint green, the kitchen is like stepping into a 1950s time capsule, the furniture is from the 1960s… we just love the vintage charm!

But what we really love is that host Annie is upfront and transparent about it being a vintage space. Her guests know before they book what to expect.

This is such a cute, colorful, unique space!

Remember listeners: if you buy that property that has a ton of historic charm, don’t fight it! Don’t think you have to modernize it all the time, and Far Out Cottage is a perfect example of how!

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