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Behind the Scenes on Our First Real Estate Deal

Not long ago, we announced that the two of us were partnering for our first joint real estate deal. Picking up on that conversation, we wanted to let you know how everything is going so far, what progress has been made, how we structured the deal, and what level of investment we each brought to the table. We’re excited to continue updating you on these important developments and provide an inside look at first-time real estate owners figuring it all out as they go.




It’s time for #strsharesunday! Today we are sharing Island in this Dream! Scott and Kirby are your hosts, and this was their very first short-term rental, but we want to give them a huge shoutout here because they are about to open their second! 🍾 We want to celebrate Scott + Kirby just going after it, growing their STR business, and maintaining their 5 star reviews across the board.

So what do we love about this space? They are very clear in the weight limits for their bunk beds and informing their guests accordingly. They have a beautiful, well-designed space with a bright, airy, open concept. It’s easy to see where those 5 star reviews come from! We can’t wait to come stay with you!

We would love to feature YOU, so don’t forget to use #STRShareSunday to get your chance!

Together, Annette & Sarah are the dynamic duo behind the wildly popular podcast Thanks For Visiting, co-creators of the Hosting Business Mastery Method, & seasoned short-term-rental hosts.

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