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Airbnb Hosts Hanging Out in the Kitchen

Vacation Rental Women’s Summit Recap

Rental Women’s Summit. It was impossible to see everything there was to see, so we enlisted the help of our Hosting Business Mastery Method members to divide and conquer! In this episode, we share our biggest takeaways from the event.

A massive thank you to each and every one of our Hosting Business Mastery Method members:











It’s time for #strsharesunday and today we are sharing the Palo Verde House!

This 1961 MidMod home by architect Hugh Kaptur is located in Palm Springs. We love how much information they are able to convey just in the bio of their instagram account: they give you the cool background info on the space, they let you know that they provide short-term or long-term stays, and that their space is dog friendly! We’re intrigued already!

This home has a gorgeous outdoor space, 3 king beds and 3 ensuite bathrooms (😱)! One thing to keep in mind is that when people are going on vacation, the want to either stay on the same level or upgrade. If someone has a king bed in their home and they’re used to sleeping in a king, it’s hard to go to a queen!

Psst… a good way to add additional income is to add a pet fee! People love their animals and want to travel with them. But the best thing about Palo Verde House is that they give back a portion of their pet fees to their local animal shelter. How sweet is that?

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