125. Jacobie Olin

3 Things a Property Manager Can Focus on Now to Help Them Achieve the Best Exit with Jacobie Olin

We’ve spent a lot of time focused on two phases of the property-owning process: buying and renting. But there’s another step we have had a chance to dive into yet, and that’s the selling process.

Jacoby Olin has been involved in short-term vacation rentals, litigation consulting, food and beverage, and real estate for over a decade. He’s one of the preeminent M&A consultants in the short-term rental industry. He specifically advised buy-side clients looking to expand into new markets through acquisitions and developer partnerships.

We discuss why you would want to sell your property, define cap rates and capital gains, and the steps you can take right now to set you up for a successful sale down the line.




It’s time for #strsharesunday and today we are sharing The Hideaway Torquay! 

You’re gonna want to get over to their instagram STAT. We have not, in all of our time doing #strsharesunday, been totally swept away by a porch. This porch is AMAZING. Take notes!

The window to the kitchen that basically functions as an outside bar. They have extended their living area to this porch and you just wanna hang out there. You can drink coffee, read a book, relax, sit at the bar, you name it!

So many times when we highlight a space, we talk about the interior, but they have really revolutionized the exterior and utilized every square inch of the outdoor space! Not only is their porch incredible, but there’s an outdoor shower and a fire pit too.

Rather than inviting them in, they have invited their guests outdoors.

Save us a seat at the bar! 🥂

We would love to feature YOU, so don’t forget to use #STRShareSunday to get your chance!

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