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Airbnb Hosts Hanging Out in the Kitchen

Recognizing the Lifetime Value of Your Guests

What if we told you that the actual reservation is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the true value your guests represent?

We’ve been in a reflection mood lately. Part of looking back on our hosting journey is recognizing how much we’ve grown while looking closely at the mistakes that we’ve made along the way. There are three giant missteps that we’ve made that we can’t stop thinking about. One of the biggest ones is this: Underestimating the lifetime value of your guest.

Automation is great, but if you limit interaction with your guest just to “turn and burn” you’re going to leave money on the table. You can get so much more value out of each guest beyond the actual reservation.




It’s time for #strsharesunday and today we are featuring Dusty Rose!

Let’s cut to the chase here… where did their name come from? Your hosts are Dustin (aka Dusty) and Anna Rose (aka Rose). Clever, right!? This rental is located in St. Mary, Georgia.

Anna is an environmental historian, so she has taken that and made sure it’s infused in their rental to make sure it’s as sustainable as possible.

Here are a few things they’re doing:

✅ Bamboo cutting board (did you know bamboo can grow 3 feet in 24 hours? Woah!)

✅ Organic linens dyed with pomegranate

✅ Nest thermostats with eco mode

✅ Providing reusable bags with their logo (double points for branding)

✅ Dryer balls instead of dryer sheets

✅ Makeup washcloths

✅ Public Goods reusable shampoo, conditioner, and body wash bottles (healthy ingredients with nothing to hide)

They have a fire pit in their backyard, and they have positioned a movie screen on their shed. Who wouldn’t want to relax by the fire and throw on their favorite movie!? Genius!

We LOVE how Anna has used her background and profession in her rental. Remember: YOU are your brand!

Head over to their page and give them a like and a follow!

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