107. Andrew Kaiser

Focusing on Preventative Maintenance, with Andrew Kaiser

Being a successful host requires more than being reactive to issues — you have to be proactive and preventative. Andrew Kaiser of MendBnb chats with us to cover the top five maintenance issues that all hosts can prevent to improve the guest experience.




It’s time for #strsharesunday and today we are featuring Broad River Cabin!

Charlotte and Ryan are your hosts of this charming cabin in Black Mountain, NC. This cabin is so well-designed and we say this a lot, but we love their honesty (yes! Honesty IS the best policy). They let you know right out of the gate that their cabin is small, the wifi might be slower than you’re used to, you might hear cars going by, and you might see some bugs. Sometimes stating the obvious (bugs in the mountains, who knew?) is really helpful to have in your listing.

We love their brand, logo, and their gorgeous space so be sure to give them a like and a follow!

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