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Short-Term Rentals are Not Just About Heads in Beds

Excuse us while we get on our soapbox: We are so anti heads-in-beds. We are not about getting as many people into a space as possible to make as much money as possible.

We’ve consulted on properties before where it’s clear the owner’s goal is just to get people in, give them a place to sleep, and make some money—and we’ve had to get brutally honest about what they need to do to remain competitive. Whether you’re hosting a property yourself or helping to manage someone else’s, there are definitely some things that are non-negotiable.

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Time for #STRsharesunday and this week we are featuring Saguaro Whispers !

This is an amazing, luxurious desert getaway in the Casa Grande foothills of Arizona. This rental is owned by three amazing women: Norah, Ana Karina, and Maria. There are three casitas on their B&B property.

What we love is that they are working on a garden and offering farm-to-table selection. They are really trying to encourage their guests to unwind, rise when they want, and relax without strict adherence to a schedule.

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