96. Amy Corbett

Create a Space Where Everyone Belongs- with Amy Corbett of All Belong Co

Why are you interested in short-term rental hosting? Like everything in life, hosting is not always easy, and when the hard times inevitably come, you’ll want to be able to look back and remember the strong “why” that got you started. Amy Corbett is the founder and chief Airbnb-er of All Belong Collective, and her “why” lies in creating unique spaces where anyone can belong. She and her husband take their diverse family very seriously, and incorporate it into everything they do. This is what inspired them to create places where anyone can feel like they belong. She shares how she got started with short-term rentals, how they scaled up from a solo operation to managing teams, pricing advice, some of the challenges involved between guests and owners, and how they are incorporating a feeling of belonging in their properties.


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Time for #STRshareSunday and today we’re sharing Anna’s Getaway!

Anna is a five star superhost from San Diego, CA! If you haven’t done this already, in your highlights on instagram, HIGHLIGHT YOURSELF! Part of what is so amazing about AirBnb is that people want to stay and get to know the HOST and the city they call home. Anna does a great job at showing who she is before you book or stay!

She has hundreds of reviews, knows exactly what she’s doing, her branding is on point. We also love that she requests that you hashtag her during your stay so she can participate in your stay. Have your own own hashtag (let them know what it is in your welcome message or welcome book or on your instagram), and it will give you content to share and insight into how your guests enjoy their stay!

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