93. Debbie & Michael Campbell

The Senior Nomads on Retiring Around the World- with Debbie and Michael Campbell

Michael and Debbie Campbell are known as The Senior Nomads. As they headed into retirement, they felt the call to adventure. They rented out their home, sold their sailboat, cars, and anything that wouldn’t fit into a small storage unit, and then set off to explore the world. After years of being seasoned Airbnb guests, they have a thing or two to share with the hosting community about what makes a listing attractive to potential guests and what’s important when it comes to services provided. They share how COVID-19 has impacted their travels, how they handle mail without a permanent address, how they manage their budget, and making healthcare and emergency information readily available to guests.


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It’s time for STR Share Sunday! This week we are featuring Ely Log Cabin

Who wants to stay with some Addie and Ben, two American Ninja Warrior hosts!? Guests LOVE to know who you’re staying with, so don’t hide your story!

We LOVE this off-the-grid, solar log cabin! The cabin is situated on 40 private acres in Minnesota, and they have TOTALLY mastered the art of the traditional log cabin while still holding onto the modern amenities and look that guests are looking for.

Addie & Ben’s cabin sleeps 6, has a gym, a fireplace, and a dedicated work space! Who wouldn’t want to work from home here!?

Make sure you check out their page, give them a heart and a like on instagram!

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