88. Tori & Seth Bolt

Transformative Travel: How to Create Meaningful Airbnb Experiences like Bolt Farm Treehouse- with Tori Bolt & Seth Bolt

Tori and Seth Bolt are the Superhosts behind Bolt Farm Treehouse, the #1 Airbnb in South Carolina. They are dedicated to creating inspiring luxury nature retreats that help travelers reconnect and experience transformative travel, and they have some incredible tips. They’ve welcomed more than 2,000 guests from 25 countries, earning them over half a million dollars and garnering them over 650 five-star reviews.

If you’re in the short-term rental space, you’ve probably seen pics of the Bolt Farm Treehouse before — it’s gorgeous — and they have a new property launching next week! Whether you want to learn how to create unique and meaningful experiences that create lifelong customers or just want to know how you can be one of the first people to stay at their new nature retreat, this episode is going to be a blast!




It’s time for #STRsharesunday ! Today we are featuring Basecamp at Cedar Fork.

Who loves treehouses? WE DO! Check out this week’s episode for more treehouse love!

Kaci and Waylan are your hosts, and this place is UNBELIEVABLE. And because this is a treehouse… (they actually call it a tree loft) they have an underground BUNKER, just in case the weather gets crazy! We love safety here at Thanks For Visiting, and that is something we have not seen before!

Go give them some fellow host love and support as they continue on their journey!

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