31. BJ Allmon

InnTown Stays: A Unique Short-Term Rental Business That Helps People Recovering from a Disaster- with BJ Allmon

We host an Airbnb meetup here in Columbus, and at our most recent one, we heard about BJ Allmon, co-founder of InnTown Stays — and we knew we had to talk to him! Because BJ is staking a unique niche in the short-term industry, and he’s solving a big need at the same time: homes for people who are recovering from a disaster.

InnTown Stays is a service that makes it just as easy to lease a house as it is to vacation in one — and it was all born to help out a friend. It’s an incredible story and we’re excited to share it with you today, not just because it’s heartwarming but because it shows that there’s still so much opportunity in the short-term rental industry!


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