11. Hayden Lee

What Hosts Can Learn from a World Traveller & Frequent Airbnb Guest – with Hayden Lee

Today, instead of talking to a Super Host about what they’ve done to create an incredible experience on Airbnb, we’re talking to a Super Guest! Hayden Lee is the host of Travel Stories Podcast, and he’s been travelling pretty much full-time since 2013. He recently became the first person to ever visit every country in mainland Europe on his motorcycle – during which he stayed in a lot of Airbnbs – and now he’s living in Brazil for a few months!

We mine everything we can learn from his best and worst Airbnb experiences, and as an added bonus, he leaves us with an inspirational message that we know will inspire you to get up and take a step towards your dream!


Together, Annette & Sarah are the dynamic duo behind the wildly popular podcast Thanks For Visiting, co-creators of the Hosting Business Mastery Method, & seasoned short-term-rental hosts.

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