The Ins and Outs of Market Research When Starting an Airbnb (Episode 2)

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Market Research & Area Regulations: Starting an Airbnb 101

One of the biggest obstacles you might run into when starting an Airbnb is area regulations, and we actually first met at a city council meeting when our city was trying to regulate Airbnb. We think that the sharing economy is (not so slowly) becoming the new normal, but it’s still weird for some people and there might be some pushback.

So today we’re going to discuss what kind of market research you need to do to make sure your new Airbnb will be legal, and what you need to know to make sure you position and price your rental appropriately.


Together, Annette & Sarah are the dynamic duo behind the wildly popular podcast Thanks For Visiting, co-creators of the Hosting Business Mastery Method, & seasoned short-term-rental hosts.

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